5 Tips To Grow Your Brand Using Facebook Marketing

June 21, 2021

Being on Facebook these days is like virtually entering a highly crowded mall with a lot of shoppers eager to make a purchase and brands hungry to make that sale. If you’re struggling to reach your marketing goals using Facebook, you’re probably not using the best practices in the field. As with any industry, Facebook is always updating their system and policies to support the ever evolving digital landscape.


While Facebook is free for all, marketing your products and services is not easy as a walk in the park. You can’t just set up a Facebook business page and immediately expect customers to make a purchase, or even engage with your posts. Facebook marketing takes planning, strategy and proper execution to achieve your long-term marketing and sales target.    


If you’re looking for ways to improve your social media performance, here are 5 tips to grow your brand using Facebook marketing:


1. Profile improvement



First impressions last. As cliche as it may sound, that phrase still holds very true these days especially when browsing through Facebook profiles.


If you’ve already set up your Facebook business page and are wondering why you’re not getting a good engagement rate, it’s time to hit the brakes and look around. Does your profile look appealing to your target audience? Does it have a holistic feel and look that represents your branding? Are you using the right tone in your copies? These are just the few of the questions you should ask to boost your growth on Facebook.


Obviously, if you’re not addressing those questions properly, your engagement rate will remain low and your audience will lose interest in your business.


Aside from the overall look and feel of your Facebook page, brands should also consider the information you are providing your visitors — specifically in the ‘About’ section, where hours, website, and other pertinent information are made available to the audience. The CTA button is also another element that should not be overlooked as it potentially increases your chances of converting users into leads. It is important to always check if the CTA is linked to the right landing page, otherwise, you may lose traction if the visitors encounter an error in the link provided.


Hiring a digital marketing agency to improve your social media profiles (i.e Facebook and Instagram) can help solve this problem for they can provide insights and recommendations on how to properly navigate the playing field.   



2. Competitor research



If your target audience is on Facebook, then so are your competitors. Take time to research what your competitors are doing in social media: their posting behaviors, the frequency of their posts, and the types of content they are posting. Knowing this information can give your team valuable insights on what works and what doesn’t. It’s also an opportune time for your brand to be able to come up with a better strategy to outshine your online rivals.


3. Content strategy



As mentioned, the type of content you serve on Facebook is one of the essentials you need to nail down in order to get the impressions and engagement you need from your audience. Facebook is a multimedia platform that enables brands to market using different formats such as photos and videos. Brands may also consider going for a more playful strategy by implementing gamified content as part of their plan to further increase engagement. Implementing this strategy will spice up the overall appeal of the brand by connecting to followers with game-like mechanisms, such as challenges, feedback loops, and storytelling. 


As researchers learned on a recent study, a social media post with a high-quality photo is

“ten times more likely to get engagement” compared to a post that only has plain text. 


Play around these formats and observe which type of content your target audience likes to engage with. You may also explore the use of A/B testing on key visuals and copies to fully optimize your content strategy and gain valuable insights that can help your overall marketing plan in the long run. 


To test the performance of your content, brands may turn to Facebook Analytics and Insights to understand what works and what does not. Using this tool can help brand marketers get a better understanding on how to improve the overall content strategy in terms of what should be continued, what should be changed, and what should be stopped.


4. Know your audience



If your page has a good number of likes and following but your posts engagement is low, you might not be connecting with your target audience the right way. In social media marketing, it is crucial to know the type of audience you’re dealing with. What they talk about, how they talk, their interests, pain points, and their demographics are some of the key factors a brand must know about their audience. This can be a good start in determining a better way to connect with your audience using Facebook. 


To further your research, you may also use social listening and sentiment analysis tools that are available online. Social Bakers, Meltwater and Sprout Social are some of the good platforms to start with. 

6. Run ad campaigns



“Facebook organic marketing is dead.”


While this statement is still being debated by marketers all over the globe, organic posting in social media nor any digital marketing platform, is not the most reliable strategy if you want to see results. Investing in Facebook ads that will expose your brand in both Facebook and Instagram is still one of the best ways to ensure your brand is getting the awareness it needs to acquire potential leads and generate sales. 




Facebook still holds the top spot among competing social media platforms today. The social networking website now caters to 2 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion daily active users around the world. With this information, it is no surprise that marketers and business owners are vying for a coveted spot within the realm of this social media juggernaut.


With the right tools and with the help of an expert team, growing your brand using Facebook marketing has proven to be a good investment that will benefit businesses in the long run.


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