Digital: Karl Adrian So wins Xiklab Digital’s Zoom in on art contest, initiative to support artists worldwide

September 2, 2020

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Last August 15, 2020 was the culmination of a very unique, month-long digital art contest dubbed Zoom-In-On-Art, which was launched by Xiklab Digital, a top digital marketing agency in the Philippines.

Based on the final tally of scores in line with the contest criteria, Xiklab Digital has announced that the winner of the competition is Karl Adrian So. Xiklab Digital launched this competition and promoted it thru a pure-digital marketing campaign from July 16, 2020 to August 15, 2020 to enable digital artists to showcase their creativity.

“In our industry, we know that many talented artists have been displaced by the pandemic and this was our way of giving back to the industry to promote these young but very gifted digital artists,” says Jules Cabigon, Xiklab Digital’s Creative Director.

All the digital artwork entries, both in static and video form, were featured in Xiklab Digital’s website and social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, in order for the artists to gain recognition both locally and internationally.

A total of one hundred digital artists participated who submitted a total of over one hundred and fifty digital works of art. As of this writing, there have been over 3,700 unique downloads of these artworks by different visitors to the virtual exhibit in Xiklab Digital’s website. All these digital artworks can be downloaded through the website which can then be used as Zoom backgrounds to lighten up the mood and add some personality to virtual meetings especially during this pandemic.

Karl Adrian’s winning entry is entitled ‘Dyipne’, which represents a traditional, but widely-used mode of transportation in the Philippines, the ubiquitous jeepney. “One of its most unique characteristics is that every individual jeepney is visually different and is used as a canvas and painted by native artists to show local culture,” says Karl Adrian. Using pop culture icons, paintings of the driver’s family, and local landscapes, many of these jeepneys are covered with religious motifs and iconographies, suggesting that religion and faith are a big part of the cultural identity of Filipinos.

Karl Adrian submitted a total of three entries, the second of which is entitled ‘Through The Fog’. He said that it symbolizes the reaping the rewards from the efforts we make – such as the beautiful scenery we enjoy once we reach the summit, the prize of our hard work. “As long as we persevere, good things will come our way,” he adds.

His third entry is entitled ‘Aurora Borealis’, a stylized illustration of the Northern Lights, which also goes by the name of artwork’s title itself, Aurora Borealis. It is a beautiful blanket of colorful wisps decorating the northern and southern night skies.

Check out Xiklab Digital’s website to view and download the creative work of Karl Adrian So and the other artists who joined the competition. Every artwork has its own unique style and message.

You can also check out more of Karl Adrian’s work at or


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