Top 5 Social Commerce Platforms That Can Help Brands Sell Products and Services

May 12, 2021
In today’s marketing landscape, more and more companies are relying on digital to scale their businesses effectively. Whether it’s through website development, e-commerce selling platforms, email marketing, customer relationship management or social media management, digital marketing has become one of the most powerful tools online to expand reach and increase profit for every business.


While all of these channels have equal value and importance in growing and sustaining a brand, there is one subcategory in digital marketing that is oftentimes neglected and placed in the back burner. This aforementioned subcategory is called, ‘community management’.


What is community management?


Community management is a brand’s way of ensuring all questions, concerns, comments (positive/negative/neutral) are attended to in a timely manner to be able to create a harmonious relationship with their current and potential end-users online. If you’re a community manager, or looking to hire one, he/she will be responsible for observing, monitoring, and moderating the mood and emotions of your brand’s target audience to be able to connect with them effectively. Aside from that, this person is also responsible for attending to your presales and after-sales communication, while escalating any urgent concerns about your products/services to the right department.


As Hubspot Social Media Community Manager, Krystal Wu put it: “Brands need to hire community managers because they’re the tone, voice, and human element behind your brand.”

Does your brand need community management services?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider acquiring one:

1. It establishes brand reliability.

For obvious reasons, Facebook is just everyone’s one-stop shop these days. Need this X service to sell X product? Or need to market X product to a target demographic? Just go to Facebook and sign up for a Business Page to set up your shop.


As the company noted: “While any business can have a shop, this feature best serves merchants, retail, and e-commerce advertisers. We recommend it for businesses selling apparel, accessories (including bags and luggage), home furnishings, and baby or kids’ products.”


With billions of users globally, every product and service has a place on this platform. The downside? Brands are competing for the same set of target audiences. That’s why it is crucial to invest in social media buys or Facebook ads to fully- optimize your marketing campaigns.


  1. Instagram


Facebook’s sister company, Instagram, is another option for you to market your brand. The photo-sharing platform has helped brands make their mark in the social commerce field through various multimedia formats, such as photo, video, gifs, and stories. What’s more, Influencer Marketing is also big on Instagram, connecting micro and macro KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) to customers who are interested in buying new products/services launched in the market.


  1. Lazada & Shopee
As part of the top 10 highest performing e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, Lazada and Shopee have become not just a seller platform, but also juggernauts in the marketing industry today. Both companies partner with A-list celebrities and influencers to promote their mega sales that are recurring almost every month (i.e. 11.11 or 12.12), a strategy that has indubitably brought a peak in sales for participating vendors and brands across the country.

What is also great about these e-commerce platforms is you may directly link your buy now or shop now call to action or CTA button in your social media pages to any Lazada or Shopee product page.


  1. TikTok
The birth of TikTok has opened doors for content creators to challenge their creativity, post valuable content, and ultimately, make a name for themselves in the video-sharing platform. Touted for the younger audience, such as millennials and Gen-Z, what makes TikTok a great platform for brands is that a huge part of their market who has the access to online connection is already on the platform.

The user-friendliness of the app also makes it a fun place to hang around to kill time or to have a great laugh. Marketing-wise, this platform can help you sell by using your budget wisely with the help of a creative team. Hiring the right people to create engaging content for your products is a surefire way to attain brand and product awareness in Tiktok.



Let us help you find the right social commerce platform for you!


It may be intimidating where to put your brand first, but with the right objective and goals, the road to setting up and selling your products/services is just within reach. Doing a deep dive market research, weighing in the pros and cons and looking at the benefits of each are some factors to consider when deciding which social commerce is the right one for you.


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