Turn Employees into Brand Advocates with Voca!

May 4, 2022

Turn Employees into Brand Advocates with Voca!

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES, April 25, 2022. Digital marketing agency Xiklab Digital introduces Voca, an app that helps companies create bigger organic reach for their digital marketing campaigns.


The Untapped Marketing Resource

“Every year companies spend millions on their digital campaigns. But, they have an untapped resource that can also generate thousands if not millions in digital impressions and engagement; their employees. With Voca we will help companies utilize their built-in influencer base.” said Mon Cayabyab, Xiklab Digital Managing Partner and CEO.

To illustrate, one of Voca’s clients,a financial services group, has over 1,200 employees. In the first month of using the app, the company was able to generate over 15,000 post shares, which accumulated to over 18,000,0000 million impressions online – an estimated P450,000 in value.

“Now imagine if that were a bigger company, that’s a lot of impressions. For smaller companies that’s a great way to maximize their investments in digital.” Cayabyab added.


Benefits on Both Sides

“What sets Voca apart is that it’s your one stop shop for employee engagement. Employees log in and they can discover posts they can share. They can also see internal posts which you can curate. Plus you can gamify the experience to make things even more fun” said Jeremy Obial, Xiklab Digital Customer Experience and Technology Director.

What makes the app more exciting is that sharing is incentivized. Each share gives you points which you can exchange for fun perks. And because Voca is partnered with the likes of BonChon, Jollibee, Grab Food, and S&R, there’s a lot an employee can do with their Voca points.

The Voca App is a great tool to maximize your digital efforts and engage with your employees. If you want to learn more, you can download the free webinar about Voca here.

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