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How Digital Marketing Savvy are You?

Are you ready to take on a career in digital marketing? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your online campaigns. Wherever you may be on your journey, put your digital knowledge to test with this quick and easy quiz.

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Question 1:

This type of Facebook ad allows brands to create ads with retailers like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, etc. Brands use ads like this to direct users to a retailer partner’s website, mobile app, or store to complete the purchase.

Question 2:

A phrase used to encourage users to take a specific action like “Contact Us,” “Download Now,” “Learn More,” etc.

Question 3:

What is Programmatic Buying?

Question 4:

In web analytics, this is a term used for the percentage of visitors who left after viewing the page they landed on.

Question 5:

This type of YouTube ad is played before, during, or after the video content the publisher is delivering to the consumer.

Question 6:

Digital Marketing pricing model where advertisers pay vendors or publishers based on the number of clicks received in a campaign

Question 7:

What is the correct sequence of the stages in a marketing funnel

Question 8:

A statement used by brands promising a service or product that their customers would benefit from when purchasing an item or service from them.

Question 9:

What is a Lead Magnet used for?

Question 10:

A marketing tactic where a third-party person/publisher sells somebody else’s products or service for a commission.

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