Xiklab Digital Presents: Zoom In On Art

The past few months have not been easy for anyone. With social distancing and the quarantine in place, we all had to adjust. One key adjustment is for businesses and individuals to embrace more digital solutions. An entity that is at the forefront of these changes is Xiklab Digital. A leader in digital marketing, Xiklab Digital is again setting forth an example of how to embrace the new normal with their Zoom in on Art gallery.

Xiklab Digital decided to move forward in hiring a new senior talent, adding a new Digital Media Director to its leadership team.

Effective June 15, 2020, Xiklab Digital will be welcoming Frank Francisco who will take on this key role.

Adapting to the New Normal: Xiklab Digital Pivots to Work-from-home Until End 2020

“We were ready to move in,” Xiklab Digital CEO Arthur Policarpio shares, “We had the office space; we bought furniture – and then the pandemic hit. It was a tough call, but we had to.”

Xiklab Digital Launches Myanmar and Singapore Operations

Xiklab Digital, a leading creative digital marketing agency based in the Philippines, has officially launched operations in Myanmar and Singapore.

Brand & Business: Snapworx Digital and Mobext Inc. Introduce Xiklab, a New Digital Creative Agency in the Philippines

Two powerhouse names in the Philippine digital marketing industry have joined forces to form one of the largest digital creative agencies in the country.